10 Best Practices to Drive Mobile Marketing Campaigns Through SMS

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In this new fast-paced world, it is important to adapt your marketing campaign to reach an ever-moving market. This article from describes how to reach an audience through SMS marketing. 

"Mobile phones or smartphones are ubiquitous elements in our lives. Their smart functionality has bought radical changes to daily routines. Hence we see marketers putting a lot of emphasis on mobile-based communications, particularly SMS campaigns, as they still have wide reach and readability. They are also cost-effective and assure adequate ROI versus other traditional mediums.

However, with so much competition between the brands, it very important that your SMS communication stands out from the clutter and is read by your target audience. What you need to include is enticing offers, calls-to-action, and subscribe to and opt-out options. Also be mindful of the channels/SMS gateways you choose to send out your messages. Make sure you route your messages through Tier-I connections, as they are more legitimate mobile networks. Along with the above recommendations, let’s look at key pointers that will help you strengthen your SMS campaigns:"

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Original article by Rajdip Gupta on September 17, 2018

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