How CMOs Can Collaborate With Contact Center Leaders To Boost Customer Success

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In this article from Forbes, call center and CMO collaboration is discussed. 

"At first glance, chief marketing officers (CMOs) and contact center leaders may seem to have little in common. The CMO generally focuses on driving growth, brand engagement and customer retention efforts (which have become a higher priority as of late). The contact center leader, on the other hand, focuses on customer service management, service cost management and customer satisfaction metrics.

But increasingly, CMOs are making it a priority to work closely with contact center leaders because of the growing importance of customer experience (CX) management in driving revenue. Most customer-centric CMOs are aware of this fact. The results show that 34% of U.S. CMOs have cited improving CX as their biggest concern."

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Original article by Vasudeva Akula on December 14, 2018

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